Eastern Kingdom

The area known as the Eastern Kingdom is located on the easternmost shore of the continent of Indorcia, specifically the Uldaar Peninsula. This area is roughly 200,000 square miles and is mostly grasslands interspersed with occasional forest. The peninsula’s western edge rises sharply to a wall of mountains that virtually cut it off from the mainland with the exception of a narrow, fertile valley. The people of this area lived in various barbarian tribes each with it’s own chieftain and laws and only interacted with each other for occasional trade, or more commonly, warfare.

In ages past, Bero, The First King, conquered the various barbarian tribes that inhabit the Uldaar peninsula into a unified nation against invading tribes of giants from the western mountains. In order to help keep the giants at bay, an alliance was struck with the nearby Dwarven City that resided deep inside the western mountain to build a series of border forts along the entire length of the land. Each fort was built thick to withstand the giant’s superior physical presence, garrisoned by a small army of men and dwarves and outfitted with heavy siege engines to maximize there offensive capabilities. Eventually the plan worked, the giants attacks ceased, and the border forts have since fallen mostly into disuse, now only a handful of them are occupied and only then by a skeleton crew.

The “Giant Wars” as it has become known, lasted a full 10 years and many of the outlying villages were decimated by the giant’s relentless raiding. The garrison’s inability to reach the villages with the heavy weapons needed to combat the giants resulted in the need for a new strategic advantage. The solution to this, again, was to play against the giant’s disadvantages. The giant’s ranged attacks, mostly with thrown boulders, while devastating, were slow and clumsy. Something fast and precise was needed and within 3 years the first airborne assault was deployed. A squad of 15 riders swooped down mounted on giant eagles and armed with longbows and lances, drove the marauders away, slaying fully half of them.

Places of Interest

New Beronia
King’s Crossing
Gandoose River
Cold Marshes

Eastern Kingdom

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